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This is not a shipping company and does not ship anything. This website is a free directory that helps you get quick free bike transport service. All companies have reliable and affordable shipping rates and economical transport services. A price rate is simply an estimate to give you an idea the cost may be. To receive services from another company then you have to fill out the form and you will get number of companies out there.

If you are planning to move your automobile to a foreign country then we will provide you the best companies. There are numerous businesses working in bike transportation industry, which is why choosing the one out of many is not as straightforward as the majority of people believe. It is effortless only when you have correct information on how to employ a reliable bike shipper. On the other hand, no matter what way is being used for locating a bike shipping organization, it is very important to make sure its trustworthiness.

We simply provide you with the ability to request quotes from several reliable motorcycle shipping companies at same time. All you need to do is fill out a form with the details of your vehicle delivery.

Motorcycle transport steps:-

1. Preparation: First the bike is inspected the secured to the shipping pallets.
2. Loading: Next the bike is safely loaded onto the enclosed transport truck.
3. Delivery: The bike is transported to your door or a shipping terminal.

Motorcycle and car shipping service have some similarities and major differences. Some major differences between car and motorcycle shipping are that a car has a reliable hand break and four wheels for extra stability whereas motorcycle is quite different by design. Motorcycle shipping rates are much cheaper than car shipping. If you are looking for a bike shipping company with quality service in affordable rates then choose the one that meets all your expectations in affordable rates i.e. Easy motorcycle shipping company. Get cheap and low shipping rates here. This website provide you an online directory facilitated to provide shipping quotations from various bike shipping companies and providing you the cheaper offers in shipping rates. As a company you would always want to look for the best and cheaper ways in shipping. You would always go for the best option available.

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Car and Motorcycle Loans: How to Get Approved With a Past Bankruptcy!

We receive many questions regarding the feasibility of obtaining finance for the purchase of a car or motorcycle when the applicant has a past bankruptcy registered on the credit report. Though it is possible to obtain financing in the form of a car loan or motorcycle loan with a past bankruptcy, it is not an easy task and the requirements for approval may be harsher than the ones needed to get approved with fair credit.

There are three issues that need to be analyzed: the state of the bankruptcy, the waiting time span needed to be considered for eligibility and the methods to boost your chances for approval: Co-signing the loan application and putting money down. These issues need to be analyzed step by step because if the first one is not resolved, it makes no sense to proceed to the next one since the loan approval would be blocked.

Bankruptcy Needs To Be Discharged

This is a particularly important issue as many people try to apply for a loan while going through a bankruptcy process. If you are currently on bankruptcy, you will not be able to obtain finance unless the court allows it and supervises it. Therefore, it is very hard to obtain finance with bankruptcy and even if the court allows it, the lenders might be hesitant due to your resent financial failure.

Thus, your bankruptcy needs to be discharged before even considering applying for a car or motorcycle loan. The rule is simple: no discharge equals no loan approval on your own whatsoever. And even if your bankruptcy was discharged, it needs not be a recent discharge as that will also keep lenders away. There is a time span that depends on the loan, the lender and the credit score and history of the applicant.

Time Span Requirement

An interesting question is how long you need to wait before applying for finance once your bankruptcy has been discharged. And, if we say that the question is interesting is not precisely because it has a simple answer. Actually, the answer is rather complicated as it depends on all too many factors. For instance, it is not the same if you want to apply for a secured loan than for an unsecured loan. Nor is the same if you are applying with a co-signer or not.

However, we can say this: you need to wait at least six months before applying for any kind of financial product of a significant amount or credit limit (lines of credit). Only small amount loans can be approved before that time spam. Higher amount loans need at least six months since the bankruptcy has been discharged in order to qualify. Some types of loans may take even longer, but chances are that none will be approved before that period.

Car or Motorcycle Loans, Co-Signer, Down Payments

As regards to car or motorcycle loans, the above is also true. Though these loans are usually secured, you will still need to wait for at least six months before applying and getting approved for an auto or motorcycle loan once your bankruptcy has been discharged. Your only chance of approval prior to that period of time ends is to get the aid of a co-signer and / or provide a good down payment (more than 30% of the purchase price).

Save Time and Money By Selling Your Car Through Capital Auto Auction

When you’re ready to sell your car, truck, motorcycle or boat, how will you find potential buyers? Most people will spend hundreds of dollars just for a listing for their car, truck, motorcycle or boat in their daily or local newspapers. Several small magazines specialize in selling vehicles and for a fee you can list your car, truck, motorcycle or boat in their pages. They make no promises as to whether you will be able to sell your vehicle. It may take several listings and many fees to sell it, if ever. You may get the exposure you’re looking for, but you will have to deal with phone calls, many of them just wasting your time. You’ll most likely spend hours giving out your address and directions to your home to total strangers. It’s pretty common for some of these ‘interested’ customers to fall by the wayside and not even show up after giving them directions and making time to show your vehicle.

You could save your advertising dollars and spend your time going to dozens of dealers to try and trade-in your car, truck, motorcycle or boat. Most people simply go the route of a trade-in because it saves them time and effort. It’s all most people know too. But most likely they aren’t getting as much as they could for their car, truck, motorcycle or boat.

If you’re interested in getting the full value for your car, truck, motorcycle or boat, avoid losing money at trade-in by listing your car, truck, motorcycle or boat with Capital Auto Auction. When you list your car, truck, motorcycle or boat with Capital Auto Auction thousands of people will see it. The professional staff at Capital Auto Auction knows how to make your car, truck, motorcycle or boat look its best.

You will be getting the full value of your car, truck, motorcycle or boat. Just think of how much safer selling your car, truck, motorcycle or boat through Capital Auto Auction is. You can avoid having strangers calling and coming to your home.

To get started selling your car, truck, motorcycle or boat through Capital Auto Auction, you can visit our website at In order to get started, the title to your car, truck, motorcycle or boat must be free of liens and in your name. Capital Auto Auction takes consignments on a first come first serve basis. There are a limited number of consignments taken each week so you will need to fill out the short questionnaire at our website. You will be asked which auction location site you wish to sell your car at. You will also have to supply us with your car, truck, motorcycle or boat’s vehicle year, make and model as well as mileage. When all this information is in place you can then list your asking price. Not the price a dealer sets up but your asking price.

When you sell through Capital Auto auction we do all the advertising and take all the phone calls. We know how to show off your car, truck, motorcycle or boat to get you the full value. We take the worry out of selling your car, truck, motorcycle or boat because if there is ever a problem we do everything possible to make sure both the seller and buyer are satisfied.

Vehicle Transportation Quotes – Tips On Shipping Your Motorcycle

You will find quite a few differences between car and motorcycle shipping. Although a car has a reliable handbrake and 4 wheels for extra stability a motorcycle is very different by design having just two wheels and nothing to keep the bike stationery except the stand. You might think that motorcycle shipping is cheaper than car shipping because of the difference in size of vehicles but this really is hardly ever the case. The closed carriers which are usually used should be specially designed to carry motorcycles and this will mean that there will either be palettes specifically designed for the purpose or there will be specially fitted tracks that serve the exact same purpose. What this means is that a motorcycle basically takes up the same room as a car when it has to be shipped anywhere.

How expensive is motorcycle shipping?

This is dependent on 2 primary factors. How far you’re travelling and what services the company you plan to make use of has to offer. There are a selection of different services that a shipping company can provide you. You would be better utilizing a specialist motorcycle shipper than a car shipper that provides motorcycle shipping as an added service.

The further more you’re travelling and the more services you require, the higher the price is most likely to be, but you’ll obtain a discount from the appropriate company if you are transporting more than one motorbike so shop around for quotes.

Is motorcycle shipping safe?

A highly regarded specialist motorcycle shipping company will be aware of precisely what they’re doing with your bike. Many companies employ motorbike enthusiasts and owners to drive the carriers so that you can be sure that the driver knows how much your motorbike means to you. This is not to say there is not the occasional accident.

A great shipping company will include some insurance with your quote and will try their greatest to guarantee that nothing does go wrong. While the Insurance will cover you for scratches and reckless damage by the shipping company, it’s unlikely to cover for ‘acts of god’ like a sinking ship or damage due to floods. If you are particularly concerned about this, either due to the time of year, the expected weather or simply because you’re transporting your dream bike, you are able to buy extra Insurance that covers for virtually any scenario